Power struggles in a Relationship

Why Do We Chose the Partners We Do?

Remember when you first "fell in love?" Likely you felt you had found the perfect mate! Someone who did and said all the right things. You had a passion and promise about the future! Then life and it's problems settled in and over time, you may find that you are frustrated by your partner, Did you know that the personality traits of one of both of our parents that frustrated us remain in our minds at a subconscious level? While you may have thought that your new love had all the right stuff. So, why then, could it be that you now find yourself in a power struggle. Both partners seeming to want the other to change, to go back to doing and saying things that made us fall in love with them in the first place. Instead, you seem locked in a power struggle, both of you unable to "get the other person" to "see it my way."

Don't worry that this means this is the wrong person for you! Ironically we subconsciously chose partners who frustrate us in some similar way as our childhood caregivers. We imprinted some of those traits perceived as negative and without realizing it we actually pick someone who will frustrate us in the same way? Why" Because we are looking to fix the past, to have a "do-over" and have a different outcome. It's actually a similar pattern for all couples. IMago relationship therapy can provide life-changing, long-lasting satisfaction in a relationship. By doing some simple steps to uncover each other's unconscious patterns and bring them to light, empathy rather than a power struggle can occur. This relationship therapy is enjoyable and results-oriented. By learning how to communicate in a way that is productive and is a win-win for both partners, we can rediscover our mate and make the relationship better than new! Couples seem to love this therapy! rather than dreading sitting in sessions re-hashing disagreements and grievances, the sessions focuses on simple but positive techniques to regain the love, trust and intimacy in a way that is better than ever!

This therapy takes 12 sessions or less and is well received by both men and women despite gender differences. LGBT couples find it just as effective. Take a chance and find out what it's all about